Journey on a Segway???

ImageCome on…admit it, watching those “geeks” tumble down the streets on their Segways has always amused you and, at the same time, created a curiosity.  Right?!

My perception of those that board these (what I thought to be) deficient geek mobiles, was that I could never keep company with them.  Yet, I will confess, there’s always been a little intrigue.

So, when I was presented with an opportunity to ride with a group of fellow journalists in the beautiful coastal town of Pacifica, California, I jumped at the chance.

Our guide Jim insisted that one of our esteemed media colleagues take flight and show us what to do.  The in-store demonstration was exactly what I feared…dork city!

When it was my turn to practice, I reluctantly climbed on board in fear that my colleagues would get a great laugh at my expense.  However, when the Segway device attached itself to me, I felt an instant connection.  I got a feel for the computerized transit device and at once felt comfortable and at the same time a little challenged.


Once we were all comfortable on our Segways, mine was named “Carol Doda,” we set out into the beautiful sun-kissed trails and beach-front paths that make Pacifica an exceptional beach-front playground.  After two hours of recreation and sunshine, we were (to my surprise) all a little tired and sore. What? 

ImageWell, no longer am I a Segway basher…instead, I am the latest, greatest fan.  As a matter of fact, when my daughter and her fiancée visited from Ohio not more than a month after my first encounter, we set out for a family adventure with my 18-year-old son.  None of these young hipsters found the idea dorky, instead we all had a blast climbing the hills of Pacifica and enjoying yet another glorious, sun-shiny day.

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